APE is your Total Seal Gapless Piston Ring Distributor

When it comes to sealing up those big bore, stroker and turbo motors, nothing tops Total Seals unique Gapless piston rings. 

Used in all forms of racing engines where total ring seal is a must. Total Seal rings often provide leakdown at less than 2%.

More ring seal means more horsepower.

Available in all popular sizes.

APE carries ring sets with the Total Seal top rings in XC configuration  1 mm top, 1.2 mm second, and 2.8 mm oil. Bore sizes from 80 mm to 87 mm.

Set of 4 - $196.00

80MM M3150XC-4 
81MM M3189XC-4
82MM M3228XC-4
83MM M3268XC-4
84MM M3307XC-4
85MM M3347XC-4
86MM M3386XC-4
87MM M3425XC-4